Ariadne’s Clew 2010

The full version of the journal in Estonian can be found here.

Mare Ainsaar, Kadri Soo, Tiina Laur
Correlations between femininity-masculinity and personality traits among 16-19-year-old Estonians

Anneli Baran
Gender in Estonian phraseology

Grete Kempel and Andra Siibak
Main trends in the textual construction of men in the women’s magazine Cosmopolitan

Katrin Kivimaa
Female nude in Soviet-era art: hidden eroticism, politicized gesture or protofeminist image?

Milvi Martina Piir
Gender perspective in Estonian history textbooks: methodological observations

Barbi Pilvre
Women and men on television: who speaks on the screen of Estonian television (ETV)

Kai Stahl
Ateneum art schools and women from Estonia