For researchers

Ariadne’s Clew accepts articles based on original research in the fields of history, psychology, philosophy, religion, ethnology, health, folklore, literature, the arts, sociology, economics, political science, law, demography, pedagogy, geography, and natural sciences.

Parties interested in submitting an article for publication should send an e-mail to, in which the article’s content is briefly described (maximum 200 words). Ariadne’s Clew does not pay honoraria.

Articles submitted to Ariadne’s Clew are subject to review.  All academic articles based on original research are published only upon a positive review. Every potential article is reviewed by two independent experts in the field of study. The following criteria are applied in the selection of the expert:

  • the expert has recognized experience in academic work or other experiences that assure expertise in the given subject
  • the expert may not be a member of the same department or have any close relationship with the author of the submitted article
  • the expert must disclose to the editors all potential conflict of interests, including joint application of academic funding

In the review process by Ariadne’s Clew neither the names of the authors nor the experts are disclosed.

The submitted articles have to include in English and in Estonian a brief CV of the author, the academic credentials and contact information. Also required is a summary of the article in English that will be printed in the paper issue of the journal and posted on its website.  Please begin your article with a short summary or its theme.

There are no other form requirements by Ariadne’s Clew than those given above.