Ariadne’s Clew 2013

The full version of the journal in Estonian can be found here.

Mare Ainsaar
Difficulties of balancing work and family as a factor decreasing the birth rate in Estonia according to Aijzen’s planned behavior theory mode

Kerly Espenberg, Tarmo Puolokainen
Ethnic and gender wage gap in Estonia

Kairi Kasearu
Influence of the character of work and family structure on work-family balance

Karin Jõers-Türn, Kairi Kasearu
Teenagers’ participation in household chores – do girls have a greater responsibility?

Laur Lilleoja
Work, family and basic values: the connection between basic values and workfamily balance and the perception of work-family conflict

Lee Maripuu
Traveling Roles: Role Changes at Work and at Home in Estonian Emigrant Families with a Female Breadwinner

Ave Roots
Connection between the type of childcare used by Estonian and minority mothers of pre-school children and labor force participation and income

Andu Rämmer
Factors predicting change in Estonian women’s expressive work values in 1983-2004