Ariadne’s Clew 2014

The full version of the journal in Estonian can be found here.

Kadri Aavik
„Then I understood that you do not have to be smart ‒ you have to have acquaintances“: the use of social capital in the work narratives of Russian-speaking women

Kairit Kaur
The development of Baltic women’s reading and writing culture until about 1840

Katrin Kivimaa
Feminist exhibitions and curatorial practices in the Baltic countries

Redi Koobak, Raili Marling
Story of Estonian academic gender studies in journal Ariadne Lõng, 2000–2013

Tiiu Kuurme
The gender of school and gender in school in the interpretations of educators

Rebeka Põldsam
Queer art practices in Eastern Europe

Andra Siibak, Kristi Vinter
„I would like to be the Bomb guy!“: analysis of pre-school children’s media favorites and their possible use in value education and gender-sensitive education

Hannaliisa Uusma
Romantic macho: rebellious man in Estonian punk rock

Tiina Veikat
Journalism and feminism in France, 1830–1930