Ariadne’s Clew 2017-2018

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Andres Siplane has worked in the fields of social welfare and social policy in academia as well as in central and local government level. In 2011-2014 he was the Head of the Support Command of the Estonian Defense Forces and since 2014 he has worked as an advisor on social affairs at the Estonian Ministry of Defense. He holds a BA and MA degree in social work from Tallinn University.
Attitudes and experiences related to the involvement of women in Estonian Defense Forces

Riho Paramonov is a PhD candidate in history at Tallinn University who has in recent years primarily worked with culture and technology studies. His PhD thesis is dedicated to the issues of Estonian modernization, approached through transportation technology. He believes in the importance of popularizing the humanities and has contributed to it himself.
Woman as a professional driver: Women’s role in the development of taxi service in Estonia between the two world wars

Milvi Martina Piir (PhD) is a writer and historian. She holds a research MA degree in history (University of Tartu) and a PhD in educational sciences (Tallinn University). Her PhD thesis developed a method for teaching history based on subjective perception of time and values education that interprets the ethical and educational potential inherent in
popular discourses of history.
To speak of history – as partners

Kadri Simm is Associate Professor of Practical Philosophy at the University of Tartu. She holds a BA in history from the University of Tartu (2000), an MA in gender studies from Central European University in Budapest (2001) and a PhD in philosophy from the University of Tartu (2005). Her main research interests are moral and political philosophy, especially bioethics and medical ethics.
Feminist contribution to moral philosophy, on the example of ethics of care

Katrin Kivimaa (PhD) is an art historian, cultural critic and translator, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Art History and Visual Culture at the Estonian Academy of Art. Her main fields of research are feminist art history, modern and contemporary Estonian art, nationalism and art, social art projects, feminist curatorial practices, historiography of Estonian art history, representation of women in art and visual culture. Katrin Kivimaa has studied history, art history and gender studies at the University of Tartu, Central European University in Prague and Budapest and defended her PhD in art history at the University of Leeds in the UK. She has worked as Professor of Art History at the Estonian Academy of Art (2006-2017) and art editor at the cultural newspaper Sirp (1993-1997).
Feminist feast in Estonia: Ladyfest cultural festival in 2011-2018

Andra Siibak (PhD, media and communication) is Professor of Media Studies at the Institute of Social Studies, University of Tartu. Her main research interests are closely connected the opportunities and dangers of the use of digital technologies, internet and social media. In recent years she has mostly worked on issues of privacy and audiences in social media.
Marleen Otsus is an MA student of journalism and communication at the Institute of Social Studies, University of Tartu.
Bikini pictures are not OK. Teachers’ self-representation and interaction on social media: opinions and experiences of students

Redi Koobak is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Women’s and Gender Research (SKOK), University of Bergen, Norway. She holds a PhD from the Department of Thematic Studies – Gender Studies, Linköping University, Sweden. She has previously worked as Assistant Professor in Gender Studies at Linköping University, Sweden and as Visiting Lecturer in Feminist Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA. Her current research interests include feminist visual culture studies; intersections of postcolonialism and postsocialism; gender, war and nationalism; transnational feminisms; and creative writing methodologies.
Artistic interventions: gender, nation and the Afghanistan mission

Kristi Malmberg has worked in journalism over twenty years. She holds an MA degree in sociology from Tallinn University.
All quiet on the male front. Twenty years of portrait stories in Estonian daily papers

Eve Annuk (PhD) is a literary scholar, Senior Researcher at the Estonian Literary Museum and the Centre of Excellence of Estonian Studies, and Editor-in-Chief of Ariadne Lõng, Estonian journal of gender studies. Her main
research interests are Estonian literary history, post-socialism, gender studies and autobiography studies. She has extensively studied the life and work of Lilli Suburg (1841-1923), the first Estonian feminist, writer and journalist, and of the poet Ilmi Kolla (1933-1954). She has published numerous articles on literary scholarship as well as book reviews in different publications.
Lilli Suburg’s article “Couples and Singles”