To speak of history – as partners

Milvi Martina Piir

The present theoretical-probing article focuses on the discourse of history that is directed to the broader public and aims to be generally educational. It is distinct from the purely academic approach in its didactic and value educational aspect. The article analyses the discursive biases of three intertwined categories – gender, class, and nation – and seeks for ways of balancing them. This is necessary to determine a value position that would proceed from a respectful attitude towards the diverse expressions of humanity in different periods, with special focus on human mental and moral education. This stands side by side with the need to consider the context, subjectivity and values picture of the recipient. This value position will form the basis for the formulation of methodological principles that integrate the principle of commonality and understanding into the discourse of history that has tended to focus on conflict, power and public activity, stress mutually respectful human relationships and the inexhaustible value potential of the history of the private sphere. In the third stage the article presents the criteria of inclusive discourse of history, analysing them from the comparative perspectives of the multi-perspective approach that has been used in gender studies and history teaching.