Ariadne’s Clew 2015

The full version of the journal in Estonian can be found here.

Eve Annuk
Gender discourses in Estonian in the Soviet period

Tiina Ann Kirss
When Estonian women read Bebel: on the „Woman Question“ in Estonia in the early 20th century

Redi Koobak
What do we talk about when we talk about feminism in Estonia?

Anne Kull
Christian family and the ideology of family values

Endla Lõhkivi
Gender stereotypes and epistemic injustice

Raili Marling
The problematic relationship of feminism and neoliberalism

Merili Metsvahi
”Finding a girl sleeping in the arms of a boy is not shameful for them.“ August Wilhelm Hupel’s descriptions of peasant sexual life in the context of the history of the Estonian family

Toril Moi
‘I am not a woman writer’: About women, literature and feminist theory today

Marion Pajumets, Triin Roosalu
Woman in foreign academia: Women scholars from Central and Eastern Europe problematizing gender equality in Swedish universities

Kai Part, Made Laanpere, Hedda Lippus
Incidence of sexual violence among women, risk groups and attitudes in Estonia