Ethnic and gender wage gap in Estonia

Kerly Espenberg, Tarmo Puolokainen 

The article analyses the ethnic and gender wage gap in Estonia. The ethnic wage gap is larger among women than men (23% for women, 12% for men.), with the wage gap between Estonians and non-Estonians being larger in Tallinn than elsewhere in Estonia. Gender wage gap is also larger among minority ethnicities (27%) than among Estonians (16%), with the gender wage gap being the smallest in Tallinn than elsewhere in Estonia. The wage gap cannot be explained by differences in socio-demographic, occupation-related or familial characteristics as on the basis of the abovementioned indicators women’s wages would be higher than those of men. us the differences may be the result of differences in the schools that people have graduated from or the professional qualifications acquired, the level of skills but also discrimination in the labor market.